Seasoned Security-Oriented COBOL Programmer

Security-Oriented (SSL and HTTPS aspects) COBOL, Assembler, VM, OS Z’s predecessors, Rexx, JCL, System Programmer with lots of experience leading teams and consulting on understanding (modifying, rewriting, conversion to another language) mystery code of all types, especially COBOL., Assembler, Rexx, and FORTRAN.

Initiated in my states IT systems (documentation & references available), destruction of all permanent device storage ( e.g. copiers) (2011); use of more secure non-hijackable DNS (2007); improving SSL Certificate and other Internet security to deter election adversaries (2014) so that my state’s election security was not a lead story in the 2016 elections.

  • Name (need employer waiver to disclose)
  • COBOL Experience: Intermediate
  • Location: Wisconsin
  • Availability: Part-time . . . . .
  • Availability Type: Volunteer or Available to Hire . . . . .