Python/Pascal/Lisp Programmer Answering the call for COBOL

  • Name: Patrick Murphy
  • COBOL Experience: beginner COBOL Programmer with Advanced Python Programming skills.
  • Location: (Nottingham, England, UK(available for OnLine access)
  • Availability: (Both Part-time and Full-time)
  • Availability Type: (Volunteer and Available to Hire)
  • (I am a Mechanical Design Engineer, designing products with 3DCAD, AutoCADLisp and FEA software for the Military and Aircraft industry. I have also created calculations and reports for both exterior and interior lighting projects.
    My skills in VBA, Python and Lisp have helped with automating repetitive tasks throughout the day. Educated with a UK BSc Hons Degree in Product Design. A-level Passes in Design technology, ComputerScience(Pascal programming), Art and Business Studies A/S Level, GCSE Maths, IT, English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology)
    I am currently gaining fast knowledge of COBOL and seeing lots of similarities with previous programming languages that I have used in the past. Programming currently in Common Lisp for AutoCAD projects and using Python for automating repetitive administrative tasks.
    I read a few articles about how COVID-19 has put huge demands on the SSA in the US. I understand that the country is in dire need of COBOL programmers. Please email me. I am ready to help with this cause.