Mainframe and .NET compatablility

Curious I have 30+ years of mainframe experience and about 9 years of VB and C# in the .NET environment. I find the 2 can go together quite nicely. I would no longer consider writing a report in Easytrieve as I could do the same thing in in a fraction of the time creating EXCEL spreadsheets or simple text files. Throw in SSIS to move VSAM to SQL Server, Oracle or DB2 and there is a lot that can be done. Anyone else finding this to be the case.

Hi Ron, welcome to the community. I’ve heard of a few people interested in .Net and the mainframe, and everyone has a little different view of what compatibility/interoperability means. So if you had access to Z as a data source for .Net reporting applications, that would be what you’re looking for?

Hi and thanks for the welcome. What I did a lot of in my last contract was to use running it against Oracle or SQL server to create adhoc reports and web pages. Obviously the same can be done against DB2. Having over 30 years of MF experience I was literally amazed at just how quickly one could create Excel reports using this. If I were in a big shop I would definitely work with management to help Cobol programmers come up to speed in VB to create reports rather than using Cobol via JCL. SSIS is even faster than that because you mostly develop complex SQL queries to gather the data and you avoid cursor operations. I rewrote a program that ran for an hour changing it into SSIS and it ran in a minute as there were no cursor operations. So many neat things that can be done. I still love Cobol and the Mainframe but having these other tools are a big plus. Regards Ron