It's possible Read SQLView in COBOL400?

Hi to everyone in world.

In my business we need to repair an old cobol that spends a lot of time in get the data in screen…

I have a little question, it’s possible read sql view using native i/o?, I’m trying but i get a level error in cobol if i use ovrdbf or if i try to compile with view because the view doesn’t have keyed access.

Another method used is using CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE after calling cobol using CLLE and make OVRDBF to that temporary table with the data filtered and this doesn’t work propperly.

The only thing that i have in mind is use OPNQRYF command to filter the data after calling old cobol.

Have you thought to create a new LF defined over PF with only the records that you want process ?

I would make in the CL an empty copy of the file in the QTEMP library and extract by SQL, the records that I require leaving these records in the new file, later I modify the OVRDBF so that it points the file to the QTEMP. This if and only if you use the INPUT file.

first change filtype of member to SQLCBL
second use a CTE to filter data