How to authenticate to the Slack channel?

I see the Slack link off the community page . , of course, wants a security principal in email format, which is different than what OMP uses for authentication.

  • I tried my OMP ID @ … did not appear to work. The email Slack says to look for did not show up at the email associated with my OMP ID.
  • Following the “sign in” link to see what I learn from that, it also wants an email (no surprise). Below the credentials prompt, it also says “If you have an email address, you can create an account.” Which is a mildly interesting statement (if I already have one, I can create one; if I don’t, ???).

I’m sure as heck not giving Slack’s prompt “trusted” credentials like those from the email associated with my OMP ID just to test what it does (I don’t know if I’d ever trust a 3rd party app with them).

So, helpful admins, what is your intended course through this hurdle?

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You just need to provide an email address for Slack to send an invite to at that page. Did that not work correctly?

The issue is not providing “an” email address capable of receiving mail - it’s lack of context about what’s going to happen next … “who” is going to persist that email, in what form, for how long, etc. so that I choose “the most appropriate” one for this case Like many folks, I have (multiple) work and (multiple) private receive-capable email addresses.

It turns out, having now “given in” and tried one of my working emails, that indeed the OMP and/or Slack site (it’s difficult to ferret out attribution in these days of composite pages) ends up using that email address as a security principal when creating a new set of credentials (for OMP and/or Slack, again, hard to tell reliably from outside the black box).

And, given the absence of up-front context, the email address I tested with is not “the best” for my purpose. At some point it will expire (Fate willing, long before I do). So my on-site identity will have to change at that point too, in a non-ideal way unless I pro-actively manage the transition just right.

It would be clearer IMO if the OMP site’s Slack instructions were explicit that when you attempt to (register to?) use the Slack channel, you will be required to create a new set of credentials unless you have an existing set that you wish to re-use, and that (on the “new” path) the newly created credentials will be bound (permanently? I still don’t know that, haven’t dug around to figure it out) to whatever email you use to generate the Slack invitation.

Folks might otherwise reasonably expect that their OMP credentials would be re-used for OMP’s Slack channel… OAuth2 is a Thing, for example.

I don’t mean to hijack this old thread but when I enter my email address in the invite page and click submit it says invite limit reached

I couldn’t get this to work either. The page tells me to provide an email address I use for work - but I just used my personal email address. It tells me that it is not one of the domains listed. Any ideas - I wanna get my password!

Didn’t realize this thread was 3 years old!


Can you open for access again? Thanks

This is done now - thanks!

In the future - please open a ticket at for this.

Correction to original message: I’m in now, I had to open the Slack link Incognito and then I got the email option.