Can't create an account on OMP Slack (restricted to a number of domains)


I’m trying to get access to a Mainframe using the COBOL Programming with VSCode Labs provider system suggested in the Getting Started.

I can’t seem to create an account on the OpenMainframeProject Slack as mentioned in the COBOL Programming with VSCode Labs Confirmation email containing my credentials.

Unfortunately I have to use the @Zih_COBOL app in the Slack to get the password to connect to the Mainframe from VSCode.

It seems signups are restricted to a number of email domains, maybe it’s a misconfiguration?

Best regards.

Hi @cappert - please try again now. Apologizes for the confusion.

Hi, I am having this same situation I can not access Slack to generate my password because it only shows that I can only log in with domain emails,, and

Best regards

This should be fixed now - thanks!