Former COBOL Senior Analyst Willing to Return to the Fold

  • Name: Brad Brown
  • COBOL Experience: (Rusty) Expert
  • Location: Florence, KY (Greater Cincinnati Metropolitan Area)
  • Availability: Open to discuss
  • Availability Type: Depending on the situation, would consider volunteer, contract or hire
  • Link to LinkedIn profile:

I’m a former COBOL programmer, having worked in that field until 2004. I’ve done other IT work since then, primarily Web related, but no more COBOL. I’m rusty, but could dust the cobwebs off and get back into it.

Primary COBOL experience is mainframe COBOL, including JCL, IMS and DB/2. Worked with multiple clients in several industries in roles including QA testing, programming, system design, and project management. For much of that time, I worked for a company that would contract me out to clients, so I have experience getting up to speed quickly with new teams in client environments.

I am currently self-employed as an entertainer. (My job is traveling around the country gathering large groups, at a time when doing any of that is illegal.) So, I have time to consider other options, including getting back into COBOL. If you have a need where I may be able to assist, lets talk.