Ex MainFrame. Syst. Programmer/Cobol Programmer ready to work

  • Name: Domenico Loseto
  • COBOL Experience: Intermediate
  • Location: Aberdeen, Scotland
  • Availability: Part-time/Full-time (Remote)
  • Availability Type: Volunteer and Paid
  • Link to LinkedIn profile (or other relevant job experience information): https://www.linkedin.com/in/domenico-loseto-75a0b540/. However, Linkedin does not reflect my experience and know-how on Cobol or programming in general, for I am resuming below:

Years ago programmed Mainframe Cobol-based systems, and 4 months ago I started intensive self-programmed study/exercise activities using COBOL (Visual Studio/MF Cobol and OpenCobolIde), to refresh my knowledge and programming logic skills, and so far so good. During this training period, still ongoing, I wrote a Cobol Application of about 1,060 lines of code ( batch type, Windows-based), which is available on request. My background in mainframes is solid and includes in short:
Cobol Analyst Programmer (batch systems).
● IIBM Mainframe System Programmer (+26 years experience) . I installed and maintained myself “many” non-Virtual (MVT) and Virtual (VS1, JES2 MVS, MVS-XA, MVS-ESA, and VM) Operating Systems. That means, among all, I have hands-on experience on JCL, JES2 and JES2-exit routines, compiling/link-editing and editing Load modules, VSAM, Indexed and Partitioned files, Application Programming and applying low-level code patches (bit/Hex mods) etc. More information is available on request.
IBM Fortran and Assembler programmer, and users’ tech support.

sept 15,2020