Download Cobol and install on win 8.1

Hi forum,

Please tell me the link i can download cobol software.

I have windowns 8.1


Welcome to the world of COBOL. :grinning:
GNUCobol is popular open source.Please try this link.
There is a download button in Green, which would help to download.

Arnold Tremblay has a useful resource at and on that page there is a link for a binary package of a very recent snapshot of GnuCOBOL 3.1 for Windows.

I dont know. Friend says im wasting my time. I should go back to learnjng javascript

If you’re looking to cash in on the need for Cobol in such antiquated systems as govt unemployment, you need the environment as well as the language. Cobol does not run on windows there, as it predates windows. If you’re on IBM, then IDMS/VSAM and ISPF are just as important to know as cobol.

Its not working. Im not really seeing remote jobs and i am looking for long term. C++ , jscript, python, & frameworks & databases

I write COBOL code for 45+ years, and it still goes on. Is this long enough?