COBOL Tandem Programmer/Analyst

  • Name: Roberta Rothkin
  • COBOL Experience: Intermediate - a bit rusty but sure I can back to it quickly
  • Location: Ossining, NY, USA
  • Availability: Full-time starting May 1, 2020
  • Availability Type: Available to Hire
  • Link to LinkedIn profile

It has been a long while since I have performed COBOL programming tasks - I switched to testing work during Y2K and switched industries from brokerage to pharmaceuticals and medical devices. However, I do believe that COBOL programming is a skill that you don’t forget - I plan on taking part of the IBM training course the week of April 13 to get my bearings back.

I worked on Tandem computers, so some things like JCL are going to be more of a stretch for me. However, I also have a very strong background in testing and in documentation, which may be very handy.

My current validation contract ends on April 30, so I am more than ready on May 1 for this!