COBOL Programmer ready to hire from Mexico

PROFILE: Experienced Mainframe Programmer with 20 years of experience developing in Mainframes, Minicomputers, WAN & LANs using COBOL; Progress (4GL); C ; XBase and Visual languages, Software Utilities, Operative Systems and Telecommunications. Extensive experience in Mainframe Utilities and Relational Databases As CICS and DB2. Several times; I made COBOL Sistems for others Platforms like Midrange: S/36; AS/400 (IBM); HP-3000 (HP) and UNIX or LAN Environment for Administrative (Payroll; Accounting; Human Resources; Inventory; etc…) and Technical-Final User Sistems (Authoral Rigths; Building Estimation Projects; etc…) where don´t matter what is the User-Environment (Banking, Construction,Manufacturing,Pharmaceutical, Real State, etc…) because the really important is the Efficency; Quality and How Quickly the User get the answer to his petition.

Cell: 01152-1-5518756643