COBOL Programmer - Expert in 1984 (Need refresh)

  • Name: Brad Jefferson

  • COBOL Experience: Expert (this is based on 3 years of intensive COBOL programming experience from '84-'86. Reverse-engineered existing code and applied business process improvement along with standard coding practices.

  • Location: Sterling, Virginia, USA

  • Availability: Full-time or possibly part-time (negotiable)

  • Availability Type: Available to Hire

  • Link to LinkedIn profile:

  • Additional Skills: My current systems analysis, information engineering (and reengineering), and business process reengineering/improvement skills can directly be applied for existing COBOL environments. If database restructuring or major updates are required, I will be able to apply structured engineering principles and structured data analysis to develop RDBMS (Oracle, SQL Server) data structures that support new requirements.