COBOL freshman with 30+ years AppDev experience

  • Name: Thomas
  • COBOL Experience: Advanced Beginner
  • Location: Tennessee, USA
  • Availability: Part-time to start, but all in with the right opportunity
  • Availability Type: Available to hire

Currently at the director/manager level having worked in IT for more than 30 years. Working off hours on various development projects (paid and volunteer) to keep my skills fresh. I started with COBOL in my first few years, but was quickly swept away by the bright lights of client/server, web, and now cloud. Looking to re-invent myself with COBOL and bring some tribal knowledge to the table. I’m attracted to the fact that the kids don’t want to learn this anymore. I am willing to volunteer some time to gain practical experience since my “MVS virtual machine” will only take me so far, but I am dedicated to turning this into a full-time career shift. Thanks in advance.