Cloudstack for z/VM Meeting agenda - May 26

The next meeting of the Cloudstack for z/VM group is scheduled for May 26 at 10:30am eastern.

Send a note to Emily Hugenbruch or reply here with your email if you want an invite.
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John Mertic, Linux Foundation
Emily Hugenbruch, IBM
TR Bosworth, SUSE
Mike Friesenegger, SUSE
Joe Vitale, BNY Mellon
Len Santalucia, Vicom Infinity
Neale Ferguson, Sine Nomine Associates
Dave Jones, ITC


  • Review last meeting topics
  • Discussion

Meeting notes:

  • Emily did a review of the last meeting topics, and asked if there were any additional topics/feedback on that discussion.
    – Mike F asked if this group will define success by having cloud deploy is faster than admin deploy. Mike F was most looking to define a quantified data point to measure what we should be striving for. The group in general agreed that the time to deploy the guest outside the boot should be less than a minute.
    – Emily asked if we should focus on Linux guest or also z/OS guests? The group felt the market should help define this.
    – Mike F also indicated the group’s focus should be cognizant of OpenStack, but not limited to OpenStack only.
    – The group also recommended getting direct feedback from z/VM admins on their deploy procedures. Dave and Joe both indicated they would be open to do this for the next meeting.

– Group goals were defined as
---- Define reference architectures for cloud on z/VM
---- Demonstrate with a new cloud solution the advantages over manual deploys

– Discussion of guest life cycle management
– Important functions besides create/destroy?
---- Start -> logon + boot
---- Stop -> shutdown + logoff
– Dave offered his guests are pretty static once they get brought up
– In Joe’s shop - devs do the reboots/stops and starts, but ask for admin help: on expanding guest filesystems, applyinh patches, applying products sysprogs do the vmrelocates, and DR

– Discussion on whether z/VM sysprogs are okay with allowing end users to do various types of functions themselves?
---- Answer leans yes, although it must be within limits.
---- For some thingse there would be an approval process
---- In some cases the Openstack method of allowing provisions and deploys and resizes within the quota may be acceptable
---- Expect there would be a use of the cloud portal to the system programmer as well

– Next meeting set for Friday June 2 at 11:30 Eastern