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  • Name: Jeanne Garrity
  • COBOL Experience: (Beginner, Intermediate, Expert)Intermediate
  • Location: (City, State, Country)Phoenixville, PA, USA
  • Availability: (Part-time, Full-time)Part-time (to start)
  • Availability Type: (Volunteer, Available to Hire)Volunteer or Available to Hire
  • Link to LinkedIn profile (or other relevant job experience information): https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeanne-garrity-3922628a/

Past Mfg cobol programmer on a DEC VMS/VAX 11780,8600 4 1/2 years exp.
Also cobol programmer at Utah State University, Logan, Utah - while going to school and taking cobol classes. DEC VMS/VAX 11780…