Still working in Cobol over 35 years EXPERT

  • Name: Parrish Beach
  • COBOL Experience: Expert - Still working over 35 years cobol experience. and I am only 55
  • Location: Charlotte, NC
  • Availability: Full-time or Part-time
  • Availability Type: Available to Hire
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I was recruited to come work at CRT Systems by some Honeywell programmer/technicians who had retired early from Honeywell to start a Veterinary Business Computer Software Company VBOSS . This software was being developed to run on a PC with Ryan McFarland COBOL RM/COBOL . During my tenor with CRT We converted the entire code base from RM/Cobol to AcuCobol, another newer version of PC cobol. The system is still running today in many Veterinary clinics in the SCO Unix operating system. AcuCobol also developed a visual version of cobol for windows. We created a 2nd version of the software to run using a mouse with windows. I have written and maintained those system for over 35 years now. It automates all aspects of a Veterinary Hospital. Accounts Payable, Receivables, Recalls, Reminders, Appointments, Patients and Client information, Inventory etc… I also have converted many other Company’s Veterinary systems Data to be used with our VBOSS. Most of the time with no knowledge of how the files systems were designed, I just had to “figure it out” find the data needed in there files and convert it to our files. During these 35 years I have learned to program in VB6 VB.NET C# and done some remote work for Web Startups using C#, Javascript, html, css, in Visual Studio. That gave me some experience with agile development and Scrum. I have written software to automate book selling on Amazon via there MWS api. We had over 10 million skus listed on amazon for over 10 years.