Retired - Used CoBOL extensively including CICS and Datacom/DC

Name: Byron Jacobs
Experience: Expert but would need refresh/review
Located in Plymouth, MA
Availability: Part Time
Type: I’ll do initial consulting free with an eye to possibly establishing a paid consulting relationship if it works out.
Experience: In the early '70’s I designed and wrote many CoBOL systems for insurance and finance companies. Some of the systems were CICS and some Datacom/DC. My CoBOL programs ran on IBM/360-20, 40, 50 and 65, Honeywell 200 and Burroughs 3500. I’m also intimately familiar with IBM 360 BAL and DOS/OS JCL. I wrote the IBM 3270 screen mapping utility but would need to refresh my knowledge of 3270 screen commands (if you need help with 3270 CICS emulation). I ran the support organization for Datacom/DB, Datacom/DC and Datadictionary. I’m particularly skilled in reading/debugging core dumps of CoBOL and BAL programs.

Byron, I kinda remember you from Insyte,
I have wondered how many of that crew are still around and kicking.
I am still in Dallas, 214-202-4965
Al Lee

Hi Al!
It’s been a long time but yes, there are still a few old hands around. Some of us were there When it was CIM. I’m still in touch with Bob Knott and Orrin Stevens on occasion. Joe Lynn is still there, working on Datacom/DB.


I have tried to look up K’nott (that’s how I used to pronounce
it) for years–never could find him. Can you get me connected?

I would like to say hi to Orrin and Joe, also.

I have thought that Orrin thought I was an asshole (probably
because it was true); but I still remember things I learned
listening to him.

Great hearing from you,




Didn’t Joe Lynn go to work for Telon or PacBase? Am I confusing him with someone else?

Oops! I confused Joe Lynn with Lynn Pierce who went to work for Sage Software.

You can reach Bob at He lives in Merritt Island, FL now. I can find Orrin and Joe Lynn’s contact info right now. I’m in the process of moving from Plymouth down to Palm Beach. Everything is a mess, as you can imagine. The last I had contact with Joe, he was still doing DB development for CA.

can’t find their emails

Thanks a bunch!!! I will send an email to old K’nott right away, It is interesting that I accidentally found you and thus found someone I have tried to locate for the past few years.
Good luck with the move. I do not envy you for that chore…