Retired COBOL and assembler programmer available

  • Name: Richard Hutchinson
  • COBOL Experience: (Expert)
  • Location: (Des Moines, Iowa)
  • Availability: (Part-time)
  • Availability Type: (Volunteer, Available to Hire)
  • Link to LinkedIn profile (or other relevant job experience information):
    I have 38 years experience in the IT industry. I was a COBOL developer for 10 years. I worked on accounting and highway planning applications. The remainder of my career was in systems programming. My main programming language is assembler. I wrote a lot of code to support the MVS operating system in the form of exit routines and utilities. I did a lot of debugging using dump services. System performance was another responsibility. I did Unix system administration for LAN.

Hello Rich,

We have a few remote COBOL positions available. Are you interested ?

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Thank you Bob
845 497 7004