Linkage Section Initialization

So first - let’s say there is a Linkage Section variable defined as: 05 Important-Value Pic X(10) Value SPACE. Then let’s say some other program calls this first program where the Important-Value variable being passed has a value of “Platinum”. Once our first program gets up and running, will SPACE overwrite “Platinum” or will “Platinum” overwrite SPACE? Who prevails???

The Linkage Section in COBOL is used to declare variables for passing data between programs. When a value is passed to the Important-Value variable from another program, it will overwrite the initial value of SPACE. So, in this case, “Platinum” will prevail over SPACE. Doglikesbest

Some COBOL compilers rejects “VALUE” clause in linkage section as error because data items “belongs” to the caller so is not initialized as working storage or local storage does.