Israeli COBOL programmer

  • Name: Efraim Heshi
  • COBOL Experience: Intermediate.
  • Location: Haifa, ISRAEL
  • Availability: Part-time.
  • Availability Type: Available to Hire.
    *Other relevant job experience information: I studied Computer Programming: Languages: Assembler, COBOL and RPG II, in the year 1978 at the Endicott Institute in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In the year 1979 I started teaching Introduction to Computers and COBOL and RPG II Languages at an Institute called Universitas, that was later acknowledged as a College. The same Year I started working as a Programmer at CAPI, a Company that offered computer services to 18 Banks. In the year 1980 I worked for an Industry with 40 sales branches all over the country, called La Oxigena. My main expertise is with the system for calculating wages. In CAPI I was in charge of the Wage System calculating Wages for 18 Banks. In the beginning of the year 1986 I wrote a complete Wage calculating system for a School in Bariloche, Argentina. Later that year I emigrated to Israel. Here I worked in Jerusalem for the Systems Department of the National Security in the year 1987. It was a temporary contract for one year as a Programmer of COBOL Language and I also learned to use DB1 a data base used in Israel for Mainframe Systems. When the contract finished I couldn’t find any other job as a Programmer and I was occupied in different places, the last ten years I worked at a Lawyer’s Office untill I retired in February 2018. I am now looking for a part time job that I can do from my house with my computer, to get a better income.

Hi Efraim,

I’m a mainframe cobol developer and I’m planning to emigrate from Argentina to Israel with my family. I have 20 years experience in cobol and I would need help to check jobs in israel. Most of the pages are in hebrew. I studied hebrew in tarbut and ort but I have to practice. I’m able to talk in english.

Let me know if you have pageres where I can apply

Thank you, ivan sviguilsky