Experienced with COBOL (IBM's CICS, JES 2, IMS), TELON (etc.)

  • Name: Kevin Huser
  • COBOL Experience: Expert.
  • Location: Cleveland, OH, USA - remote work possible.
  • Availability: Part-time to start, possible Full-time in near future.
  • Availability Type: Available to Hire.
  • Link to LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevinhuser/

1986-1990 - Led teams and programmed extensively in COBOL for global manufacturer. Order Entry, WIP, MRP (bills of material), various reporting, shipping, inventory management, sales, billing, etc. Online (CICS) and batch processing. Data structures and processing logic that applies to other vertical industries. Expert at that time; need to brush up on some of these skills, but expect that an established set of copybook code, source code and function library will bring me up to speed quickly.

Have coded in other 3GL and 4GL since that time.

Lots of teamwork. Happy to be part of a team in a way that I can contribute.