EE MBA FT Volunteer EU-based experienced developper with can do attitude

Jean Michel Dasnoy - Electrical Engineer - M.B.A. - Fully trilingual EN/FR/NL + knowledge of other languages
Much programming experience, including IBM 360 Assembly, macro, Fortran, Pascal, C, Scheme, Forth, Perl, Lua and many more. Much embedded/bare-metal/microcontroller assembly experience. Also various mainframes IBM/360 CMS, PDP, VAX, Pr1me, etc
Cobol Beginner - will commit to qualify to any expected COBOL certification
Available full-time - Volunteer - EU Based (Belgium) - born 1961
My LinkedIn profile is here even though it doesn’t show that I have kept developing and programming over the years !
I hope I can help in any useful way in these confused times ! Good luck to all of you out there !