Developer for Hire: COBOL/Oracle PL/SQL

  • Name: Patrick
  • COBOL Intermediate
  • Location:Newark, New Jersety
  • Availability:Full Time
  • Availability:Available to Hire
  • Link to LinkedIn profile: I’ve been in the IT field for over 30 years and first started out using COBOL for about 10 years and then my company migrated to client/server architecture. I’ve experience working in Oracle in a small capacity as a backup DBA, but did a lot of development using PL/SQL to create procedures, triggers and functions. I’ve done some web development with Php, HTML and some work on the backend using MySQL. I’ve was the backup Unix systems admin on Sun Solaris systems where I maintained, created and modified Unix shell scripts. Thank you for taking the opportunity to review my job description.

Name: Zenaida
Availability:Full Time
Availability:Available to Hire
System Analyst/Programmer for over 10 years and using COBOL/Oracle PL/SQL