COBOL will need refreshing, programmer by profession, IBM iSeries(AS/400) coder 10+ yrs, well-rounded IT experience, Honeywell, SQL, JCL, CL,OCL

  • Name: Alicia Marquise
  • COBOL Experience: Intermediate (will need a refresher)
  • Location: Texas (willing to relocate)
  • Availability: Will work Part-time or Full-time
  • Availability Type: Either Available for Hire or Volunteer
  • Link to LinkedIn profile: Can provide résumé

Overview Technical Experience:
Mid-Range : IBM iSeries (aka AS/400), IBM/3X, Honeywell
Software : J.D. Edwards World, Enterprise One, - Infor ERP XA (formerly MAPICS)
Opr Sys : OS/400, Control Program Facility (CPF), System Support Program (SSP),
Languages : RPG/IV, [HTML, COBOL]
Opr Lang : CL, OCL
RPT Writer : SQL, World Writer, DreamWriter

MFG, Textile, Bottling, Social Service Agency,

Y2K, Programmer, In-house database conversion - Infor XA (MAPICS), IBM

Education and Training:
Career Cert:
Networking and Lucent Technology Cable Specialist
BS: Information System Security