COBOL Volunteer - SF BAy Area

  • Name: Art Gould
  • COBOL Experience:Was expert in eighties/nineties. Rusty so call me intermediate
  • Location: Alameda, California USA
  • Availability: Part-time, could go close to full-time but must work remotely
  • Availability Type: Volunteer or Available to Hire
  • Began career as System370 Assembler Programmer working on IMS DB/DC (1983 - Sears Roebuck), added COBOL and PL/I in 1984 for American Hospital Supply Company, continued working on IMS and batch systems. Taught COBOL programming at De Paul University (1983-1984) after completing COBOL 6 month training program at De Paul University. Continued working with COBOL as a contractor and then as a Sales Engineer/Product Manager for MicroFocus Cobol until 1997. Nodding familiarity with CICS as well.