Cobol EBCIDIC Flat file to JSON converter

I m new to this space, and wish to get some help from the community.
Is there any parser/tool that convert EBCDIC Flat files to JSON.
I have seen that IBM z-OS have a JSON Parser , but I’m not sure about all the capabilities.
Thank you.

JSON GENERATE see COBOL 6.n Programming Guide…

Chapter 30. Producing JSON output
You can express COBOL data items as JSON text by using the JSON GENERATE statement, which
identifies the source and output data items.
You can optionally also specify:
• A data item to receive the count of characters generated.
• Alternative names for the input data items
• Data items to be excluded from the output JSON text
• Data items to be converted into JSON BOOLEAN name/value pairs
• A statement to receive control if an exception occurs
The JSON text can be used to represent a resource for the interface to a Web service, and is encoded in
UTF-8 if the output data item is alphanumeric, or UTF-16 if the output data item is national.
Using the JSON GENERATE statement
Consider the following example:
01 Greeting.
02 Msg pic x(80) value ‘Hello, World!’.
01 Jtext national pic n(80).
01 i binary pic 99.

JSON generate Jtext from Greeting count in i
on exception
display 'JSON generation error: ’ json-code
not on exception
display function display-of(Jtext(1:i))