Baltimore, MD Volunteer -- Master the Mainframe experience

I completed the Master the Mainframe competition in 2017 when I went back to school at UMBC. I learned how to use JCL, Rexx, COBOL, CICS, assembler, and more. I graduated last year with a BS in Comp Sci.

I am a Full stack web developer consultant with 10+ years experience in many different languages and systems (see Indeed resume). My current contract will not be renewed on 4/15 due to budget problems related to the pandemic. At my current position I have 5 years of relational database experience (SQL Server, Postgres) and legacy spaghetti experience (Classic ASP).

COBOL itself is straight-forward, databases are fun, and I could easily help with any web app integrations (i.e. Java, NodeJS, PHP) at the same time. Normally I use open-source software and with 10+ years linux experience I am also your Linux expert.

Please consider me for a volunteer position. I would like to help my country during this crisis.