20+ Years Mainframe, COBOL, CICS, VSAM, TSO, JCL

  • Name: Patricia Feller
  • COBOL Experience: (Beginner, Intermediate, Expert) Expert
  • Location: (City, State, Country) New Jersey, USA
  • Availability: (Part-time, Full-time) Part-time, Full-time
  • Availability Type: (Volunteer, Available to Hire) Available to Hire
  • Link to LinkedIn profile (or other relevant job experience information): www.linkedin.com/in/patriciafeller

Databases: Access, DB2, VSAM, QSAM
Platforms/Systems: Windows, IBM Mainframe, Jobtrac
Version Control: Changeman
Languages: CICS, COBOL, JCL, TSO, SQL, Abendaid, Visual Basic, HP Extreme Dialogue, REXX,
Tools: Expeditor Batch. Expeditor CICS, ICETOOL, SYNCSORT, Fileaid, SORT, IEBGENER
File Transfer: Connect Direct, Secure FTP
QA Tools: Playback
Microsoft: Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint
Email: Outlook, Lotus Notes
Customer Service: Sage X3