Math and CS major

I currently am one class away from finishing a degree in mathematics with an array of computer science courses. I have a simple assault in 2010 and a couple of other misdemeanors but no felonies. I was hospitalized when I was 16 for depression in regards to my parent’s divorce. I was being pushed into the nuclear school for Navy, but MEPS gave me a pDQ. I actually messed around with Hercules and got CiCs, JCL, cups, and everything else running and wrote a couple of modules. Personally, I enjoy very boring and dry things like COBOL programming and I would have no issue devoting a career to it. I am sub 30 in age so I believe that I am or will be a prime a candidate for something in the future. I do expect any responses for jobs but just to get everyone thinking about, what should really bar someone from giving a hand. If anyone from IBM sees this and is interested then I would be there tomorrow.

Don’t complain when it seems like you can’t find anyone to do these things. I put together servers, office automation, I have even gotten into chatbots and a script that applies to jobs for me. If you are interested then please reach out through my linkedin. Thanks