If it wasnt so long ago id say intermediate, but

Quite some time ago i took a cobol programming course at delta colloge in stockton, ca. before the class even started I found a job posting in the career center for a company that was looking for an entry-level COBOL programmer. so I applied for the job before even beginning the course. after my interview we left it said I would return after we wrote a couple programs in class. My boss-to-be was appalled at the lack of structure that she saw being taught and said that they needed to hire me now, before i was too screwed up. Needless to say, i only did the lab work and finished the final in the class a hour ahead of anyone else, A was my score in the class. So i worked for a winery that had their in house wine tracking program. They had outgrown their record size and needed to add three or for digits. So my job started out as a maintenance to the existing system, changing every program to the new master record legth. Aftersome time i was tasked with writting new code for them as well.