FSUM7332 syntax error: got (, expecting Newline

This typically occurs when EBCDIC files are being copied into an ASCII codepag which breaks the zowe-install and zowe-configure scripts.
The fix is to run these commands in the shell you’re using to perform the install.

export _CEE_RUNOPTS=""
export _TAG_REDIR_IN=""
export _TAG_REDIR_OUT=""
export _TAG_REDIR_ERR=""

What is the recommended shell ? Is it the one shipped with z/OS or another ?

Recommended z/OS shell. The problem occurs when a user has .profile settings that switch the BPXK_AUTOCVT so their shell goes to ON rather than OFF, and then during the install when new files are created in USS as the result of a sed, even though the source file is encoded in EBCDIC IBM-1047 the target files gets encoded in ASCII IBM-8559-1 and the shell running the sed is unable to find the substitution source string to replace. The file is left in the wrong codeage and then when the z/OS shell tries to run the shell script it borks on the first line as the line ending will be CRLF and not LF. This tends to occur on end user machines when some of the tools such as github client or bash are installed which update the default .profile We do have an issue https://github.com/zowe/zowe-install-packaging/issues/142 to address this where we’re going to capture the environment varaibles, modify them, and then set them back during the install so that when we run the scripts things will be tickety boo for the session

All our shell scripts start with #!/bin/sh so they should all use Bourne shell.

I thought the UNIX System Services shell was actually a modified ksh. Perhaps that’s changed over the years.