Connecting Calling all COBOL Programmers to those needing these services

I started programming in COBOL in th 70’s working with NCR. I was part of the 8200 project pioneering NCR’s IMOS 1 operating system. I ITX, ITX, VRX, evntually settling into UNIX with my COBOL skills. I have taught COBOL to my own staff programmers. Over 40 years experience. I am retired, but can work part time. Contact me at
Joe Santinoceto

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Thanks John for clearing the “Elephant in the room”. Looking forward to anyone/companies with anything related to COBOL. One quick suggestion though. Can the fellow COBOL contributors contribute to ZOWE? or, can we get full access to it?

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Location: Amman. Jordan
Availability: Remote/Full Time
Availability Type: Available to Hire
LinkedIn profile:

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  • Name: Jesus Molina
  • COBOL Experience :Intermediate ( I’m refresh my knowledge)
    Been programming other languages
    COBOL PL/I RPG II - (When i studied)
    dBase Foxpro VBA/ VB6 Clipper Python Java
    Oracle PL/SQL
  • Location: Charlotte, NC
  • Availability: Part-Time
  • Availability Type: Volunteer/Hire
  • LinkedIn profile:
    Studied COBOL at I.U Nueva Esparte - Venezuela in 1987
    Worked in Venezuelan’s Bank for 11 years
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Name: Vanakar
COBOL Experience : From Jul 2008 to till date
Skills: Mainframe MVS, TSO, VSAM, DB2, JCL, REXX, SQL, COBOL, CICS, C#, ASP.NET MVC, JavaScirpt, Jquery
Location: India
Availability: Part-time/ Remote
Contact me at

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Francisco Paredes, 26 years Cobol Experience, CICS, DB2, VSAM, JCL, Mainframe Infrastructure.
Location : Santiago, Chile
Availability: Part-time
Available to Hire
LinkedIn profile :

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  • Name: Ron Troy
  • Cobol Experience
  • Very rusty (need to refresh)
  • DBA Transact SQL (SYBASE)
  • Location Long Island, New York
  • Availability - TBD
  • LinkedIn Profile:
  • I was a programmer, DBA, systems manager for 20 years, currently manage Financial Market Data
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Alberto José González
40 años trabajando en COBOL
Actualmente trabajando BBVA provincial
Cobol Cics

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Anthony Blinco
30 Years experience in COBOL and COBOL Migration
Remote/On Site
Mainframe COBOL, Micro-Focus, AcuCobol, C, C#, Java, NetCobol, Visual Basic, AS/400 Cobol

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  • Name: Luiz Ricardo Zinsly Calmon
  • COBOL Experience: Expert, since 1980 with ANS/370, VSAM, Sequencial file. Other versions : microfocus, visual cobol. Other languages : FoxPro, Pascal, MacroAssembly, Fortran and more actuals languages. Knowledges in DLLs, Objs and frameworks.
  • Location : Juiz de Fora-MG, Brasil
  • Availability: Full-Time
  • Availability Type: Available to Hire
  • Link to LinkedIn profile :
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Name: Janet Frank
COBOL Experience: Expert, HP3000
Location: Allentown, PA
Availability Type: Available to Hire
Availability: Full time
Link to LinkedIn profile:

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Name: Roy Ording
Cobol Experience: Expert, 32 years experience using Cobol, CICS, JCL, VSAM, DB2 in an MVS/Mainframe environment
Location : Lake Grove, New York USA
Availability : Full Time
Availability Type : Available to hire
LinkedIn Profile :

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Thanks John,

To try and do our small part in helping during this crisis, will offer free audit seats in any under booked COBOL or related mainframe developer course that is on our Guaranteed-To-Run schedule to any unemployed, retired, or new workers looking to learn or refresh their skills and assist with this effort.

For more information, write to me at

Yours in learning,
Scott McFall
Vice President
ProTech Enterprise IT Training & Consulting

Name: Vin Underwood
COBOL Experience: Expert
Location: St. Augustine, FL
Availability: Full time
Availability Type: Hire or Contract
Link to Linkedin profile:

Professional Summary:
Extensive experience in mainframe financial systems, in the roles of design and development, software installation and SaS processing support. Most recent experience as technical project leader developing and deploying new digital payment products, and as a System Architect on a large legacy modernization project. Highly motivated self-starter with a passion for meeting business objectives. Superior communication skills with business owners, technical staff and clients. Additional skills in project planning, project estimates, business cases and sales support.

Technical Skills:
Cobol developer on various OS’s - MVS z/OS, CDC, Unisys. Databases VSAM, IMS, DB2. Online monitors CICS and IMS-DC. Expert developer on IBM z/OS. Designed compile panels, wrote supporting clist, Rexx, ISREDIT macros. Wrote code generators and other toolkit items to improve developer accuracy and speed. Endevor, FileAid, CA-7. Connect:Direct. Some Assembler - wrote FPE (Format Preserving Encryption) subroutine in z/OS ASM.

  • Name: Larry Boyter
  • COBOL Experience: Expert (more than 30 years)
  • Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA
  • Availability: Part-time
  • Availability Type: Volunteer
  • Link to LinkedIn profile:
  • Name: John Mealy
  • COBOL Experience: Expert
  • Location : Portland Oregon USA
  • Availability: Part time or full time
  • Availability Type: Available to Hire or contract
  • Link to LinkedIn profile :
•	Name: Rodney Mitchell
•	Cobol Experience: Expert
•	Location: Jenks, OK, United States
•	Availability: Part-time or Full-time
•	Availability Type: Available to Hire
•	Link to LinkedIn profile: