Cobol is my First Love, i can help

  • Name: Sandra Rinehart
  • COBOL Experience: Expert
  • Location: Dublin, VA
  • Availability: Whatever is needed, i can also train some local people and help manage them
  • Availability Type: Volunteer or Available to Hire - depends on what works out
  • Link to LinkedIn profile

I am willing to do whatever i can to help. I have a few adult daughters and family members and local friends that, i can also help train and manage to help out. I have a local business, SOS Technology Services LLC, that is completely built on the premise of HELPING companies and HELPING individuals in their technology needs. I have an office that can house people working in a team environment. So i can either do the coding, help others do the coding, or both.

It has been a while since i have used COBOL/JCL/IMS etc, but it is the first love of my programming life and i still fashion all my current programming around the structured coding of COBOL. It is not a language you forget.