Based in Mumbai, India 3 years ZOS | Cobol application developer

  • Name: Sandeep prajapati
  • COBOL Experience: Intermediate

I am a Mainframe Developer with Experienced Programming in Batch Environment COBOL, COBOL-DB2, COBOL-CICS using JCL.


Having strong Knowledge using SPUFI and COBOL-DB2 Application programs. to commit and rollback as per given unit-of-work defined by DBA for Error Recovery.

Having strong knowledge using ICETOOL, DFSORT and REPRO for report generation using flat files and VSAM files.

Having knowledge on pseudo-conversation CICS programs which SEND and RECEIVE BMS MAPSET and use COMMAREA to avoid Wait time.

with 3 years of experience in mainframe i have good hands on developing enhanced COBOL and COBOL-DB2 programs.

Having strong knowledge using COBOL to read VSAM Dataset to create reports required for sales

many thanks,